Guaranteed Home Warranty Review UPDATED Oct 2021

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  • Guaranteed Home Warranty offers a variety of home warranty plans to suit every household.
  •  Guaranteed Home covers many items that other companies don’t, such as shower units, pantry shelves, ice makers and many others.
  • Prices are reasonable and there is an affordable plan for everyone.
  • Contractors are pre-screened and valued according to customers’ satisfaction surveys.
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Guaranteed Home Warranty offers a wide range of different coverage plans, more than any other home warranty company we’ve come across. There are five plans: Pewter, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Beside the standardized plans, Guaranteed Home also offers additional coverage for certain appliances and systems.

The Pewter plan covers any two home systems the customer selects. You can choose between basic electric, basic HVAC, basic plumbing, and basic appliance.

The Bronze plan covers basic home systems and appliances, such as: basic plumbing and electric, air conditioner, dishwasher, garbage disposal, cooktop/oven/range, built-in microwave, trash compactor, interior door knob replacement, and AC and heating pre-season tune up.

The Silver plan provides solid protection for the most frequent breakdowns households experience. It covers HVAC, plumbing and electrical system, as well as garage door openers, kitchen appliances included in the Bronze plan, plus kitchen exhaust fan and refrigerator, interior door knob replacement and pre-season tune ups of your AC and heating system.

The Gold plan provides an improved, well-rounded coverage. In addition to everything that the Silver plan covers, the Gold plan also covers repair or replacement of garage door hinges, spring, and remote transmitters, refrigerator ice makers, and almost everything in your plumbing system, from toilets and faucets to shower arms and heads. With the Gold plan you will even get bathroom accessories, like towel bars, covered.

The Platinum plan is the most extensive plan Guaranteed Home offers. It covers everything that we’ve mentioned so far and a bit more. Beyond the basic home appliances and systems, the Platinum plan also covers blinds, shower units/doors (including glass breakage), closet/pantry shelving, electric AC window units, any plumbing failure that’s a result of water heater sedimentation, clothes washers and dryers, and attic and other fans.

Moreover, additional coverage options are available with all five plans. Every additionally covered item is separate and you can opt for how many you want and any combination of items you want. Guaranteed Home offers additional coverage for additional refrigerators, washers and dryers, septic tanks and pump systems, plantation shutters, pools, spas, guest houses and options for houses over 5.000 sqft.

Monthly rates vary from plan to plan, as do deductibles and service fees.

We have noticed that Guaranteed Home covers some items that home warranties usually don’t cover, such as blinds, shower doors or plantation shutters.

The unfortunate thing is that that Guaranteed Home Warranty is available in Tennessee only.

Terms and Conditions

We were disappointed to learn that Guaranteed Home’s terms and conditions aren’t available on their website. Furthermore, learning that a sample contract also can’t be found online made us even more disappointed.

There are, however, lists of all the appliances and systems each plan covers with additional short explanations about the parts that are covered, so you can get pretty good insight into what you’re signing up for. However, a complete contract, or at least a sample is necessary to get in-depth information about coverage and other terms and conditions of the agreement.

When it comes to pricing, everything is clearly noted in the Warranty Coverages section. The Pewter plan will set you back $34.99 per month and it’s the cheapest plan. It comes with a standard service fee of $150, limited payout cap and limited coverage.

The Bronze plan is still quite affordable, even if you’re on a budget, because the monthly price is $39.99, and the standard service fees range from $50 to $100.

The Silver plan costs a bit more, but it also covers more items. It’s $44.99 a month, with service fees ranging from $50 to $100.

The Gold plan is the most popular and it would cost you $49.99 per month, with standard $50-$100 service fees.

Platinum plan coverage is the most extensive and therefore it’s the most expensive. You can have the Guaranteed Home Platinum plan for $64.99 a month, and there is no additional service fees.

In addition to all these coverage and price options, Guaranteed Home also offers free quotes.

Customer Service

Home appliances and systems break down all the time. It’s a simple wear and tear; items get old and experience a malfunction, no matter how devotedly you take care of them and how responsibly you use them. You never know when a failure may happen and you need to be able to find someone to fix it at any hour. That’s the reason why good, reliable customer support is essential for every home warranty company. Guaranteed Home provides a 24/7 phone customer support. You can either file a claim by filling an online form, calling the support or even texting them. Customer support will find a contractor and forward your information to them. At that point, the contractor will have 4 hours to get in touch with you and 48 hours to complete the requested service.

In order to prevent making any mistakes when sending a text claim, you can check out a detailed explanation and an example of a claim text in the FAQ section. FAQs can also be helpful when you need some information about home warranties in general or plan coverages.


Guaranteed Home cooperates with licensed, pre-screened contractors.  The company checks the contractor’s background, experience, and insurance, and only after he or she meets all the company requirements do they get an opportunity to work for Guaranteed Home. All contractors have to be willing to be available 24/7 and provide first-class service. After every completed repair, a homeowner can fill out an online form and submit his or her comments about the contractor and state whether they are satisfied with their work or not.

Pros & Cons


  • Warranty plans for any budget
  • Covers items that most companies never cover
  • No service fees or deductibles for Platinum plan customers


  • Only covers Tennessee
  • No sample contract or terms and conditions
  • Website is difficult to navigate

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Margery Hopkins
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    The Guaranteed Home Platinum plan could easily be one of the best decisions in my life. I have had so many problems with home warranty companies in the past, that I almost gave up on them, despite the fact that I don’t have any relevant knowledge about home repairs, nor are any of my friends or acquaintances plumbers or electricians. Then I heard of this local, Tennessee company and I decided to try them out. I have never regretted it. Something breaks every now and then and I call them immediately. The girls from customer service are very nice and send me a contractor as soon as possible. Only once did I have to wait longer than two days. I know I don’t have to pay service fee with Platinum Plan, but I always give tips to contractors because they are kind, professional and always clean up after finishing the job.


  • Submitted By Jeremy B. Stevenson
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    I’ve heard different stories, but one thing I do I know that going with Guaranteed Home was a bitter blow for me. I found this company online and it sounded great that they cover all those unimaginable things. It did  seem a bit like a scam, but I had no better option, so I signed a contract. Well, the joke’s on me. They really don’t cover all the stuff they claim they do. It said unlimited AC units and I thought they really meant unlimited. I hate heat and I’ve got five AC units at my place. One broke down, they repaired it no questions asked. But a month later another one failed and I filed a claim again. The contractor came, but refused to do anything because it was a different AC unit. When I called to complain, they told me I didn’t read the contract carefully. Lying bustards!


  • Submitted By Bob Campbell
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    I’ve been with guaranteed home for three months and everything is ok so far. I had some leakage in my bathroom and they sent a girl contractor. I was suspicious at the beginning, but she was a real pro and fixed everything in half an hour. She even cleaned the bathroom, it was like a contractor was never there. I was amazed, wrote a recommendation for her.


  • Submitted By Ashley Nixon
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    I’m very satisfied with Guaranteed Home. I’ve called them twice and they repaired my appliances both times. I had to wait for almost a week the second time, but a contractor showed up eventually and got the job done. I complained about the delay and the company apologized, at least they’re polite.


  • Submitted By Gregory Reed
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    I can’t believe these guys still exist! It’s incredible how they’re still in business although their coverage offers are fake and their contractors are unprofessional idiots. I called them four times for four different failures and they never repaired a thing. Not covered, they say, always NOT COVERED!


  • Submitted By Chantal Howard
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    If I could go back in time, I would never sign an agreement with Guaranteed Home. I had several problems, and they only repaired the door knob!!!


  • Submitted By Robert N. Collins
  • Company: Guaranteed Home Warranty

    I’ve opted for Guaranteed Home because they cover almost anything that breaks down around the house, which turned out to be true. I wish they could repair my wife as well.
Guaranteed Home Warranty Review
Updated : 2021-10-13
Rating : 7.2/10

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